Upcoming Events

General Assembly Meeting: Our general assembly meeting is scheduled for this Sunday, March 4th. Please plan to attend.

Save-The-Date: Our Spring picnic is schedule for March 18th, and we will be serving our famous grilled chicken, hashweh, and green beans. Mrs. Nadia Farah and the Yaya Ladies have volunteered to chair the picnic. Thanks to all of you! We appreciate your help.

Social Night: The Ladies Social Night is back and scheduled for the first Friday of every month. Please see the schedule below. Gentlemen, we didn’t forget about you. Please feel free to gather in the back room for some beers and card games. March 2nd, April 6th, May 4th, and June 1st.

Convention Ad Book: We will be selling ads for the convention ad book at the general assembly meeting and the upcoming picnic. We need your help and support, so please see Sam Kalil or any steering committee member for more information.

First Ramallah Group Kashaf Meeting: There will be a Kashaf meeting on March 18th following the Spring picnic. Children and adults are welcome to participate.

Did You Know? Your convention chairmen and steering committee have been hard at work negotiating an afordable convention for everyone. With free Wi-Fi, free parking, and reasonably priced hotel rooms, this convention will be the most affordable for families.

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