REMINDER: Brick Pavers

As a reminder, brick pavers are back on sale!
The deadline to order is June 2 which is at the next General Assembly Meeting. Please contact David Hanania at 904-591-6762 or at

You can contact David for the following reasons:
1. If you have not purchased a paver, this is your chance to purchase one to remember loved ones or memorialize your commitment to your Ramallah Club.
2. You are not limited to one paver, this is your chance to purchase additional pavers.
3. Verify the wording on the paver you purchased or make changes to the wording. Contact David, he will take a picture of the paver wording send it to you for your review and approval.

Finally, if you do not verify or change the wording on the paver you have purchased, we will use the original order for the wording. After June 2nd we will be ordering the brick pavers. So take the time to verify your existing order or purchase a paver.

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