Hathihe Ramallah News Sept-Nov 2013

Correspondent: Julia Farhat

– Baby girl Rhea Salwa born to Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Razan Farmand.
– Baby boy Brayden Anthony born to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Anthony and Kelly Rukab Salem.
– Baby girl Ava Alexandra born to Mr. and Mrs. George and Lynn Akel.
– Baby girl Makenzie Lizbeth born to Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Tiffany Dixon Mousa.
– Baby girl Ava Madison born to Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Amanda Farhat Khoury.

Nichole Odeh to Jeremy Campbell. Their proud parents are Mr. and Mrs. Danny and Judy Campbell and Mrs. Hiyam E Odeh and the late Mr. Odeh I Odeh.

Eliana M Abuali to Kosti Tarik Saleh.  Their proud parents are Mr. and Mrs. Tarik K and Lola Saleh and Mr. Mousa Abuali and Rebecca Sa’adeh Ghandour.

Carmen Michelle Khoury to Ziadeh Abraham Farhat.  Their proud parents are Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Farhat and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Khoury.

Lena Naimeh Danforah to Jamil Isam Farhat.  Their proud parents are Mr. and Mrs. Isam Farhat and Mr. and Mrs. Remon Danforah

Saied Jordan Kandah, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ghassan Sam and Daune Hassan Kandah graduated from Atlantic Coast High School. He is currently attending Florida State Community College in Jacksonville, Florida and plans to pursue a law degree.

Club News

Golf Tournament

On Sunday, October 13 a Golf Tournament was held at one of our beautiful local golf courses. Approximately 45 people participated and many funds were raised for several charities.  Prizes were awarded for various levels, the weather was perfect and everyone enjoyed food and refreshments after the tournament.   Much thanks and appreciation goes out to the coordinator Ed Bateh as well as his volunteers and sponsors.

On Sunday, October 20 our annual Fall Picnic was held. Close to 300 people attended and enjoyed our traditional jaja meal.  In addition, our children enjoyed arts and crafts. Huge thanks and appreciation goes out to our Picnic Chairperson Mrs. Sireen Bateh and her volunteers as well as our Children’s Club Directors, Mrs. Gina Benham Nammour and Mrs. Hala Mardini Salman.

Edward Elias

On Friday, November 8 Mr. Edward Elias was honored at Congressman Ander Crenshaw’s Veterans’ Special Recognition ceremony for receiving two Purple Hearts for his service in the army.  Edward is happily married to Mrs. Rima Elias and they have 4 proud children:  Tina (Haitham) Alley, Tammy (Musa) Akel, Robert (Melinda) Elias, Nancy (Michael) Harrison and10 proud grandchildren.   Congratulations Amo Edward!  We are proud of you and we thank you for your service.

Youth Club News

Youth Club Bowling

On Saturday evening, September 28 approximately 16 members of our youth group enjoyed dinner and cosmic bowling.  Much appreciation goes out to the parents who chaperoned the event.  (Pictured from Left to Right:  Abby Ghanayem, Hannah Williams, Victoria Richter)

Presents for Kids

Our Youth club participated in “Operation Christmas Child” where they packed a shoe box with necessities and wishes for kids in need. Huge thanks go out to our Youth Club Directors, Mrs. Shereen Shunnarah Bateh and Mrs. Amy Shunnarah Mousa.

Youth Club Basketball Tournament

On Monday, November 11 eighteen members of our youth club participated in a basketball tournament.  Two teams played against each other and prizes were awarded to the winning team.  Following the tournament lunch was enjoyed by all. Huge thanks go out to our youth club directors for their support.

Children’s Club News
On Sunday October 20th our children’s club directors, Mrs. Gina Benham Nammour and Mrs. Hala Mardini Salman created fall activities for the children during our annual fall picnic.  Many thanks go out to Gina and Hala.

Church News
On Sunday, October 6, The Fellowship of St. John the Divine held their annual raffle during the month of September and the raffle item was a Kindle Fire.  The winner of the item was Tom Wiswell.  Special thanks go out to Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Shereen Bateh and those who participated.

October was Teen Soyo month and our teens did not disappoint as multiple successful activities were held.   Our teens read Epistles, served as ushers and handled the tray collection. Teen SOYO President, Miss Kristen Mousa gave a special presentation on Special Olympics Awareness Day and the offerings collected were donated to this worthy event.

On Sunday, October 13 our Teen Soyo prepared a “Low Country Seafood Boil” luncheon after church and sold out.  Many thanks go out to their Youth Coordinator, Andrew Anthony for organizing the event and to all parents that assisted.

On Friday evening, October 18th approximately 15 members of our Teen Soyo participated in a lock in.  They began with dinner followed by a movie and continued to the church and played games and various activities throughout the evening. Many thanks go out to the youth club directors and parents.

On Friday evening, October 25 the Teen Soyo hosted their first fellowship night featuring shawarma which was prepared and served by our teens. The event was a sell out as over 75 tickets were sold.  Special thanks go out to Khouria Ranwa and the Youth Director Andrew Anthony for organizing the event.

On Sunday, October 27 our Teen Soyo hosted a bake sale which included festive fall baked goods. Many thanks and appreciation goes out to all of the teens and the parents for their hard work.

On Sunday, November 3 the ladies auxiliary hosted a BBQ luncheon after church and the event was a huge success as it was sold out. Many thanks go out to the Chairladies Suad Salameh and Lamis Anki, their volunteers and the community for supporting the event.  In addition special thanks go out to the grill masters:  David Hanania, Muneer Hanna, Issa Odeh and Louie Salameh.

Church Carnival

On Sunday, November 10 the Fellowship of St. John the Divine hosted a Fall Carnival.  From pony rides to games and plenty of food, our community of all ages had a spectacular time enjoying each other’s company and watching the children play.  Special recognition and much appreciation go out to Chairwoman Mrs. Shereen Shunnarah Bateh and her committee for a job well done.

The Jacksonville Community extends its deepest sympathy and condolences to the following families:

The Salem and Bateh families for the passing of Margaret “Maggie” Salem.

Maggie Salem Obituary

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