General Assembly Meeting and News

General Assembly Meeting – Sunday October 7th – Our General Assembly Meeting will be held this coming Sunday on October 7th at 7pm.  Please make sure to attend.

Restaurant Depot Program- As a new initiative started by your local club, we are gathering restaurant depot membership numbers in order to try to negotiate a rebate or cash rewards program.  If you are interested in this initiative, please provide the following email address ( with your membership number, business name, and contact information. We will contact you when we have negotiated a program for paid members of the Ramallah Club.

Small Business Incentive Program – We are also in the process of creating a small business economic committee in order to advise members on buying opportunities and to pull all of our buying power together so we can benefit everyone.

If you have a restaurant, cafe, grocery store, or any small business that buys regularly from large companies, this is a perfect opportunity to participate in this committee and realize all the benefit and buying power we can attain with each other.  The committee is currently being formed, so please email, if you would like to be on this committee.  Please provide your contact information and a meeting will be called soon.

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