First Coast Connect Interview

Click on the link below to hear Ronie Rukab, Johnny Rukab, and Janice Farhat speak about Middle East Politics on the Frist Coast Connect Radio Show Interview conducted on June 21st.

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  1. George Kishek says:

    Great job on the interview. I wish that we can get more of these interviews ahead of September UN vote. We should all speak in one voice specifically to the question of why do the Palestinians deserve a homeland? Our answer should mention the following:
    1. Just, noble and moral to give the Palestinians their freedom and self-determination.
    2. It has already passed! UN resolution 181 (The Partition Plan) called for two states. This resolution called for the withdrawal of British forces and termination of the Mandate by 1 August 1948, and establishment of the new independent states by 1 October 1948. The Jewish state was declared on May 14, 1948 and 63 years later the Palestinians are still waiting for their state to be declared.
    3. The fate of Palestine should not be in the had of Israel or any other nation. It is the right of Palestinians. Why should the Palestinians sit on a table for over 40 years begging for a state from Israel?
    4. Israel for the past 44 years negotiated in bad faith with the Palestinians and continues today to steal more and more Palestinian land to build settlements or intimidate/humiliate the local Arab population.
    5. Declaring a Palestinian State is not a Unilateral move. The Palestinians have support of over 100 nations worldwide that support such a state.

    It is very important that we all know the facts and know how to defend Palestine from the unjust Zionist propaganda.

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