Club Renovations

An important piece of our history and ancestry in Jacksonville, Florida was updated recently: our Ramallah American Club. Our current facility opened its doors in 1977 and the original exterior of our club remained the same until this year. Our 37 year old signature entrance was outdated and not inviting to our members and guests.

It was agreed to sell engraved pavers and the monies raised were used to renovate the front of our club. The purchased pavers included members’ names, their families’ names, and children’s names in honor of and in memory of their loved ones. Approximately 300 pavers were sold.

Also included in the renovation plans were updating the entrance of the club, the front and sides of the club and installing a fountain with 5 lions to replicate the Al-Manara in Ramallah. In addition, the front canopy wall was opened to enhance the view of our beautiful club from the road.

Our pavers, fountain and design changes look amazing and we are very proud of our newly renovated family landmark.

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